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Road Trip Inspiration

The summer of 2021 is going to be all about road trips. Many Canadians are planning their next road trip right now. Planning a trip is actually good for you. Nearly every respondent (97 per […]


Longevity and Technology

Technology has played a big role in this pandemic as more people relied on digital platforms to help stay connected to family, friends and work. This is especially true of seniors, who have embraced technology […]


Radon Gas − Is Your Home Safe?

It has been only in very recent years that health researchers, public health agencies and governments have paid much attention to the potential risks of radon emission. We are all aware of the precautions which […]


Zen Golf

While brainstorming a topic for this column, I jumped on my road bike and set off for a mid-afternoon ride in the rolling hills surrounding my hometown. When I’m in the saddle, inspiration often comes. […]


Enjoy a Hike!

No matter where you live in Canada, you’ll find walking trails where you can enjoy fresh air and exercise Public Health experts advise Canadians that outdoor exercise is a great way to maintain good health […]


Rhizomes in Cold Climates

Does lasting beauty exist outside of Hollywood? Yes, it could be in your garden! And if you’re tidying up borders before taking off for warmer climates, or perhaps just snoozing through autumn – are you […]


Virtual exercise classes

In many cities, exercise classes are back in full swing, but maybe not all of us feel ready to sign up for in-person training. That’s not a problem – one of the silver linings of […]