travel 131

Indigenous Encounters

How an American First Nations festival initiated our quest to discover Indigenous cultural experiences in Canada We were witnessing the mesmerizing dance performances at Red Earth – a Native American cultural festival, held annually in […]

health 131

The Periodic Health Examination

Many seniors recall the times when we all had a family doctor and had a yearly health assessment and physical examination. More than a decade ago, a number of studies showed little benefit from these […]

finance 131

The 12 deadly sins of personal finance

Understanding the mistaken ideas, destructive behaviours and areas of ignorance that can threaten your long-term financial health Fact #1: Money can be a deeply complex subject and managing it isn’t always easy. Fact #2: Investing […]

gardening 131

Plants with appeal to all the senses

Once again at home, summer is a familiar setting of colourful blooms, soft breezes and yourself in a lounge chair. But what’s that in the air? Could it be a perfume so intoxicating that it […]

golf 131

O Canada we stand on the tee for thee!

Golf in our home and native land is booming. According to a recently released Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study, in 2023, Canadians played an estimated 74 million rounds of golf (compared to 57 million rounds […]


Longevity and Vitality

There’s been a lot of chatter about the word “vitality” and what it means, especially in relation to longevity. The World Health Organization (WHO) gives a very wordy definition and says that vitality is considered […]

Fitness 131

For the Love of Lawn Bowling

A popular game for thousands of Canadians Some form of the lawn bowling game, also known as “bowls,” can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. In the land of pharaohs and pyramids, archaeological […]


Good Cities Come In Small Packages

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to European cities Europe’s capital cities undoubtedly offer incredible attractions, restaurants and entertainment. But don’t rule out smaller cities, which offer equally memorable cafés, architecture, history and culture. […]


Vaccination Update

Last week, I attended an “old boys” luncheon with some of my fellow retired friends and among other topics, we began discussing medical issues including what were the current vaccination recommendations for seniors, especially those […]