Gardening 127

Unique Trees for the North

These warm summer days at home are an opportunity to discover aristocratic magnolias with unique, surprising colours. And to ensure that summer flowering plants continue into autumn, now is the time for some tender loving […]

Gardening 126

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Returning from a sunny journey, the home turf might be a bit rough. But consider what a lawn really needs to get off to the best start. And while you’re at it, plant some quick […]


Homegrown Gold

Finally, time to relax and consider the merits of leaves as a natural solution to gardening problems. And a preview of spring just when you need it! Low cost, high reward The colourful ruckus of […]


Tomatoes for Travellers, Part Two

Now that you’re home for another Canadian summer, why not encourage the best that your garden can offer. Here are some tricks to making tomatoes sweeter, and flowers more abundant. Making tomato bliss One thing […]


Tomatoes for Travellers, Part One

Returning to a Canadian spring, this could be the year of your best tomato success. And, with a new perspective on lawn care, you can beat the heat in mid-summer. Timing is everything Without doubt, […]


One Perfect Tree

Whether north or south, the winter months are opportune times for considering a perfect tree selection that might be all you really need. And, if you’re unexpectedly home for the winter, you may find new […]


Pruning Garden Shrubs

After a long period indoors, we all look forward to a walk in the park and some warm days of garden activity. There is much catching up to do, but best to follow pruning guidelines […]