Tracking Tourism’s Recovery

Free online tools provide regularly updated data to help you make informed decisions about where and when to travel Where are you planning to go when you’re ready to travel again? Europe? The Southern United […]

RV Lifestyle

Sea of Sand: White Sands National Park

Like a mirage, dazzling white sand dunes shimmer in the tucked-away Tularosa Basin in southern New Mexico. Remember how much fun it was to play in the sand as a kid? It’s still pretty fun, […]


Self-Monitoring Your Health During COVID-19

Among the many restrictions in our daily lives resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be significant limitations in our access to medical services to which we have become accustomed. For persons without any acute […]


Longevity and Protein

In recent years, scientists have been working diligently to find the correlation between certain life choices and overall life expectancy. That includes stringently looking at diet. We’ve looked at the links between longevity and wine, […]


Golf and Staying in Shape

As the last page of the 2020 calendar turns, we leave the pandemic of 2020 and enter a new year. We long not for a winter of discontent, but for a spring that arrives with […]


One Perfect Tree

Whether north or south, the winter months are opportune times for considering a perfect tree selection that might be all you really need. And, if you’re unexpectedly home for the winter, you may find new […]