Sneaker Guide for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and that means getting your hands (er, feet) on some great running shoes. Your lifestyle will dictate the type of shoe you should get – if you plan on […]

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Wearable technologies

A big incentive to working out and being active is seeing the results. It may not be noticeable when we look in the mirror but, thanks to modern technology, we can track progress, set goals […]

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Posture Workouts

We’re always hearing about core workouts and keeping our core muscles in shape. That’s because, by doing so, you’re able to perform a whole range of exercises that help keep the rest of your body […]

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Still Pickling

Pickleball becomes North America’s fastest-growing sport Pickleball is still a hugely popular sport, with leagues and courts popping up everywhere from coast to coast and across North America. Pickleball Canada recently hired a national research […]


Exercises to Reduce Pain

Blue Cross has reported that one in four Canadians over the age of 15 has some sort of chronic pain. Alex Edye-Mazowita, a disability case manager at Manitoba Blue Cross, said that it’s more dangerous […]

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5 New Sports for Fitness

With a new season comes another wonderful opportunity to set a few fresh fitness goals. While summertime is all about lounging, fall is an optimal time to restart your daily exercise regimen or update an […]


Partnered-up Activities

Now that life has returned to normal (for the most part), we can start seeking out the companionship of friends and family when enjoying different activities. Whether you love to stay moving and active, or […]


Virtual exercise classes

In many cities, exercise classes are back in full swing, but maybe not all of us feel ready to sign up for in-person training. That’s not a problem – one of the silver linings of […]