Travel 127

Surprising Prince Rupert BC

What do cows, totem poles, salmon, the Titanic, ancient petroglyphs and goose tongues have in common? They are all part of Prince Rupert’s fascinating heritage. The city of 12,200 people surprised us as soon as […]

Health 127

Don’t Get Shingles

Last month, my wife complained of an unexplained onset of right-sided chest pain… most severe in the lower rib cage area. I listened to her story and examined her, but I failed to come to […]

Finance 127

Opportunity Knocks

 Eleven questions to ask when evaluating an investment opportunity Some people do it by poring over company data: earnings reports, balance sheets, income statements and the like. Some people look at stock tables and try […]

Gardening 127

Unique Trees for the North

These warm summer days at home are an opportunity to discover aristocratic magnolias with unique, surprising colours. And to ensure that summer flowering plants continue into autumn, now is the time for some tender loving […]

Longevity 127

Longevity and Blood Type

Over the years, we’ve examined the ways in which longevity is linked to myriad lifestyle choices and habits. Many of these are personal preferences. Do those who have pets, spouses, or drink coffee or tea […]