Pragmatic Gardening

Whether north or south, this is the season to relax and contemplate the coming summer at home. Low garden maintenance is key to a leisure outdoor lifestyle, and careful plant selection and innovative equipment can […]


Golf and Life

As I sat down in my trusty chair to type these words, hope abounded. The land borders between Canada and the U.S. were about to reopen. Concert halls, restaurants, museums and many other businesses were […]


Caribbean Gems

These sunny, warm-weather getaways offer snowbirds plenty to see & do Are you considering an idyllic Caribbean island for your next winter trip? We are too. Just thinking of the Caribbean conjures up memories of […]


How Technology is Improving Our Health

When I started my family practice in the mid-sixties, the availability of technology to assist in diagnosing and treating many conditions was very limited. Imaging was restricted to X-ray machines and ultrasound was just beginning […]