Vaccination Update

Last week, I attended an “old boys” luncheon with some of my fellow retired friends and among other topics, we began discussing medical issues including what were the current vaccination recommendations for seniors, especially those […]

Health 129

Do You Have Osteoporosis?

As I sit down to write this latest article about osteoporosis, I realize that it is actually World Osteoporosis Day, a day that every year, the international campaign is observed to raise awareness about osteoporosis, […]

Health 127

Don’t Get Shingles

Last month, my wife complained of an unexplained onset of right-sided chest pain… most severe in the lower rib cage area. I listened to her story and examined her, but I failed to come to […]

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Medical Information

For many of us, especially snowbirds and those without a regular family doctor, the retention of personal health information, medications, laboratory results, imaging details and immunizations is extremely important, yet many do not have such […]

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Drug Reactions

While most prescribed or over-the-counter drugs we may take are meant to help or prevent certain illnesses, there is an ever-increasing problem in the incidence of drug reactions and adverse side-effects, or drug interactions. Each […]

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Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Although there are hereditary factors which may determine how healthy our heart will be, there are a number of well-recognized determinants for maintaining a healthy heart as we get older. Those who might already have […]


Colon and Rectal Cancer

The pandemic has caused a significant impact not just on our medical, diagnostic and surgical needs, but also on the preventive components of our medical care such as immunizations, annual health assessments and screening measures […]