Pruning Garden Shrubs

After a long period indoors, we all look forward to a walk in the park and some warm days of garden activity. There is much catching up to do, but best to follow pruning guidelines […]


Longevity and macronutrients: The Connection

We’ve looked at a host of different factors that can affect our life expectancy, from dietary choices to social connections, demographics, careers, family dynamics and more. But, in a recent study published last December by […]


Women in Golf

As I sat down to write this column, spring had sprung. March marched on and Mother Nature gave us Ontarians a taste of warm weather. As the grass gradually came out of dormancy, and the […]


Shoulder Pain – Causes and Treatment

Within the last several weeks, I have had two friends telling me about the pain they were experiencing with one of their shoulders. One of the few injuries from which I have suffered (from playing […]


What’s Next?

How to prepare your portfolio for what happens after the pandemic For most Canadians, the COVID-19 pandemic started hitting home a little over a year ago, in March of 2020. But it seems like forever […]


A Musical Journey Around The World

Incorporate some local music into your itinerary when it’s safe to travel again There’s nothing like music to bring back memories of a wonderful vacation. Recordings and performances can also inspire wanderlust for future trips. […]

RV Lifestyle

Canadian Snowbirds Changed Migration Patterns

Pandemic changed migration patterns of Canadians who head south for the sun Canadians who travel south changed their migration pattern dramatically this past winter. In a normal year, more than one million Canadians head south […]