Virtual exercise classes

In many cities, exercise classes are back in full swing, but maybe not all of us feel ready to sign up for in-person training. That’s not a problem – one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that many exercise studios, dance studios and gyms have started to offer virtual classes, too. You can participate in many of these sessions live, but they are also usually taped and posted online so that you can do them at your convenience. The great thing about virtual classes is that, because you’re in the comfort of home, you might even find yourself more inclined to try a new form of exercise that you’ve never experienced before.

Either way, there’s an endless array of virtual classes which you can take to stay active, relieve stress and even have a little fun.

General workout classes

Just like at the gym, there is a wide range of fitness classes which you can do on home turf. Whether you want to sculpt, get in some cardio, do something that is slower and low-impact, or you want to improve your flexibility and balance, there is something for everyone. They require minimal equipment (perhaps something simple like a chair or free weights) and can be a great way to stay toned and healthy.


These forms of slower, stretching-based exercises are optimal to keep you active. They can also help you relieve stress and stay calm. All you need for these at-home classes is some space in which to stretch out comfortably and a yoga mat. Oh – and don’t forget a bottle of water.


We could all use some tranquillity and serenity in our lives, especially after the year-and-a-half which we’ve all had! Meditation is something that is shown to improve self-awareness, focus and concentration, plus lower stress and anxiety levels. If you need some guidance in your meditating, you can enrol in an online class with a professional.

Tap classes

Yep – if you’ve got the shoes, then you can try online tap classes. Tap dancing can be a really fun way to get your heart rate up. Plus, memorizing and practising the patterns can be a top-notch mental workout, too. It allows you to work on your strength, flexibility and co-ordination as well. And it’s just downright fun.

Barre classes

Balance and stability are at the core of learning barre, which is much like ballet, and can be a great form of exercise to get in some toning. Virtual barre classes are being offered online for different experience levels, and normally all you need is something to hold on to, or to perch your legs, such as a higher table or chair.

Other dance classes

If salsa, jazz or even hip-hop are more your thing, you can find a dance studio that offers such instructive classes online. Dance is a fun way to get moving and give yourself some cardio love.


Ever heard of a Peloton bike? It’s a stationary bike which you have at home that has a screen between the handlebars, and you can participate in all kinds of different live or pre-recorded workouts. The bike is super tech-savvy and will allow you to set fitness goals and track your progress. In fact, you can take classes virtually with friends at the same time. They even have workouts that are off the bike, so you can always switch up your workout routines and stave off boredom.

by Jennifer Cox