Fall 2022


Snowbird travel is back with a vengeance. This year has been Medipac’s most successful Early Bird ever. I think that people have finally figured out that Medipac Travel Medical Insurance is, really, the only way to go. Medipac has attracted thousands of new clients who will start building their Claim-Free and Loyalty Discounts over the next few years and, happily, they will save a great deal of money over their snowbird “careers.”

Another WOW! is the fantastic response to our recent survey. More than 10,000 snowbirds responded and some of the results are found later in this issue of CSANews. The results basically describe me – average age 77, five months in the South, own properties in both Canada and the U.S., own cars as well (mostly SUVs), buy Medipac Insurance and most are in very good to excellent health. Oh, we have had a few medical issues to resolve, but they have been resolved in our favour.

As we embark on another wonderful year in the sunny South, it is important to understand that Covid is still out there and we must remain vigilant. Medipac has had very few Covid claims and that says a lot about the people whom Medipac insures. You ARE careful and most of you have had at least two vaccinations. But I do encourage you to not let Covid run your life. Go to the local restaurants, drop in to the bar for a light libation, as they say, and continue to golf and swim and shop and do what you normally did in past years. Life is fun, so make it so.

J. Ross Quigley

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