Winter 2020

It is a cold and wintery day and I ask myself, “What am I doing in Canada?” Because the Government told me so; not that the Bible told me so, but the Government!

I had written a long rant about the unfairness of it all, and then I decided that this COVID thing just is what it is. People are trying to understand it and trying to find ways to live with the many restrictions and they are actually succeeding.

Many snowbirds have been anxiously waiting for the land border to open, but I think that you will be disappointed. Based on everything we have seen and heard, next March will be the earliest date to possibly drive to the United States. I would make your plans based on an even-later date. These are unprecedented times and we just have to adapt as best we can.

On a lighter note, and to give you a little challenge during your lockdown, we have included two math puzzles from my high school teacher, Frank Milne. Frank taught at Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax, NS during my high school years, and he was a brilliant and inspiring teacher. Frank started a very successful math club and he was the first teacher to provide TV learning, essentially in the dark ages, before most people even owned a television. He still lives in Halifax and runs a scholarship foundation in his name to help smart kids get to university and to connect with each other. These are not easy puzzles, but I am certain that you will solve them in the long run. Have fun and stay safe.


J. Ross Quigley

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