Winter 2022

Greetings from the snowy North. Pat and I are waiting patiently for our year-end party, where we will give out staff bonuses and awards for long-term service. This year, we have several “30 years of service” awards for employees, and many 25-, 15- and 10-year awards as well. Our employees love working for Medipac and taking care of snowbirds and many end up working well past the standard retirement age of 65.

It has been a tough two or three years for everyone as we dealt with all of the COVID issues and the doubling in size of our business. Double the phone calls, double the policies issued and, of course, double the claims. Our seasoned staff performed at peak levels and put in thousands of hours of overtime. Thank you – from all of us.

Being snowbirds ourselves, we have gradually moved up our party from late December to this year’s date – December 2nd – so that we could get to the sunny South as early as possible. We are scheduled to fly out on December 5 and can hardly wait.

There is some hurricane damage to deal with, but the interior of our home escaped unscathed. Seven hurricane shutters were ripped off and destroyed and our lanai is in the pool, but our hurricane-proof windows, amazingly, remained intact. A miracle, indeed. Many of our snowbirds were not so lucky and some lost everything – especially in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and may you enjoy many miracles, too.

J. Ross Quigley

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