Winter 2023

We are almost back to normal!

Our travel patterns to the U.S. have reverted to pre-Covid levels and we are slightly ahead of the 2019 number of trips. There is one big difference, though – automobile traffic is down by about 15% and travel by air is up. High gas prices and more competition in the airline space (which reduces prices) are changing our normal travel patterns.

Overseas travel is still trying to catch up and is running at about 80% of 2019 levels, but it has increased in every subsequent year.

The increases to specific destinations overseas are interesting, to say the least. Visits to Europe and the U.K. are actually slightly above pre-pandemic levels. Again, comparing to 2019, Turkey’s travel has increased by 68.5%; Portugal by 51.5% and Spain by 49.4%. I have travelled to all of these countries and they are wonderful places to visit. Get them on your bucket list.

Other countries do not fare as well. I assume that the wars and unrest in many other countries have hurt their tourism. It has certainly made me think twice about overseas travel.

Have a wonderful winter, wherever you are.

N.B.: A special word of thanks to the Conference Board of Canada. Their November 2023 Travel Report, which covers only nine months of outbound travel, is the source of these statistics.


J. Ross Quigley



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