Doctors’ Newsletter

The Doctors’ Newsletter was started nearly 40 years ago as the most efficient way to communicate with our nationwide doctor clients. The idea is to twice-monthly keep readers up to date on issues  impacting their practice and financial success and to save them money by answering their questions before they have to write or call. The Newsletter spread by word of mouth and is now read by thousands of doctors, as well as their accountants and lawyers.

We cover the latest information on:

  • Tax Savings
  • Investments
  • Practice Transitions
  • Practice Management
  • Retirement Plans
  • Insurance
  • Savings for Education
  • Laws and court decisions affecting doctors
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection

Panky Financial Statements (From June 1, 2013)

Download the Sample Pankey Financial Statements (PDF)
Download the Sample Pankey Chart of Accounts (PDF)

Unlike every other publication for doctors, we sell nothing – except ideas – no investments, no insurance, no mutual funds,  no limited partnerships or other products that others try to peddle to  doctors. We identify the flaws that salespeople try to cover up.

Our purpose is to teach doctors to identify opportunities and to avoid mistakes.

The Newsletter provides useful and practical ideas that are easy to implement – all at a very low cost. A one-year subscription is $257. (probably less than what your lawyer charges for one hour of his or her time.) Gift subscriptions are available at a discounted rate; the more you give the lower the cost. For your convenience, our website has samples from recent newsletters for your review.


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Remind your referring doctors and friends of your appreciation 24 times a year! Each issue contains four pages of practice building and money saving ideas that are geared specifically to doctors and their practices.

Over the years, we have written several articles on the care and treatment of referring doctors. One modest suggestion has been to give gift subscriptions to the newsletter as a valuable thank-you token that would remind the recipient of you twice each month. A bottle of scotch or a box of candy is nice, but why not give something that will make you stand out? We started offering big discounts (20% – 55% based on volume) on any gift subscription and we have been overwhelmed by the response.